The future of hydroponic cultivation

Welcome to High Tech Greens® where we will be Introducing the BCRDWC® Hydroponic System & Cultivation method. Unlocking the future to maximum yield potentials.

Maximising footprint output

Maximising the use of your valuable cultivation footprint, giving higher yields per square foot, compared to soil production & existing hydroponic technologies.

Up to 98% annual increase in yield

Up to 50% increase in yield & up to 25% reduction in crop cycle times, giving in some cases up to an overall 98% increase in annual yield potentials. whilst enhancing the flavour & beneficial content of your precious yields.

Up to 95% less water required

Minimising water usage, with savings of up to 95% compared to soil cultivation, no water loss through evaporation only transpiration. Utilising valuable water resources where it needs to be, used by the plant root zone giving exponential growth & flower formation.

Minimisation of manual Handling

Minimisation of manual Handling, with up to 98% less rooting materials compared to soil/peat & with up to 75% less inert rooting material compared to some hydroponic system designs. The BCRDWC is the key. Let the pumps do the work.

Bio Implementation

Full use of Bio Symbiotic inoculants, protecting and enhancing hydroponic cultivation the natural way.

What is Hydroponic cultivation? - A History

Hydroponic cultivation is the unique methodology of cultivation; utilising water as the basis of plant growth, where a water nutrient enriched solution is utilised, in place of a soil based rooting medium. (Read more>)

BCRDWC. Welcome to the future of Hydroponic cultivation

The Future of hydroponic cultivation as defined by the BCRDWC hydroponic system; is a Taylor made system, designed to optimise deep water culture hydroponic cultivation of large root fast growth annual plants. Where the root zone of a plant can be monitored to create a balanced natural environment; where bio-inoculation of the roots, along with accurate root nutrient dosing, can be controlled to a high degree of accuracy. (Read more>)

BCRDWC. Root growth monitoring

Root growth monitoring has always been a challenging exercise in cultivation; until the development of the BCRDWC systems unique qualities and capabilities, which allows for root development monitoring, giving analytical data which increases production due to greater understanding of root growth through plant crop cycle. (Read more>)

BCRDWC. root zone science

Root zone science has always been a problematic area of understanding, as roots of plants are buried under the ground. Due to this, the root system of plants is inaccessible to analyse and accurately verify scientific results. With the BCRDWC system the roots are cultivated in pure water with all nutrient elements and bio inoculants added to the water, which gives greater understanding of plant type requirements through key stages of plant cultivation.

BCRDWC. Root inoculation

Root inoculation has, with the latest research and understanding of the symbiotic relationships that develops between plants and micro- organisms such as mycorrhiza. The BCRDWC system creates an environment where the plant hetermorphosizes the root structure to allow for beneficial inoculate use in deep water culture.

BCRDWC. A balanced approach to increase yield potentials

A balanced approach is one of the principal design characteristic’s of the BCRDWC system.

BCRDWC. Environmental Impact

Minimal input, maximum output, minimal wastage. The BCRDWC system has been designed to run on minimal water and nutrient input, whilst maintaining and maximising productivity yield outputs.

BCRDWC. Global food security

Food security has now become a major concern & priority over recent years, as we as a global society push towards zero carbon, whilst at the same time population growth increases towards an estimated nine billion souls. The BCRDWC system has the potential to aid in the production of more of the food products that can be cultivated in deep water culture-controlled environment.

A Future of possibilities

The future possibilities of the BCRDWC hydroponic systems’ unique control of the root zone environment are limitless, when combined with controlled environment cultivation techniques. Allowing us to develop greater environmental infrastructure; to supply our future food requirements into the 2050s.

Margins for success

By combining the advancements in cultivation plus the root-zone control the BCRDWC system has to offer we can create a brighter, cleaner, future and success for all.